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Beyond the LinkedIn Profile Photo

Headshots by Stefanie Blue - TRUE BLUE Portrait DesignMost people understand they need a professional headshot for LinkedIn.  But there are so many other uses for a great headshot.  Yes, your friends on Facebook and Instagram will compliment your everyday snapshots and selfies, but they will go absolutely crazy for a beautifully done headshot.  If you have a Facebook business page, prospects and clients want to see a clear, well-done, friendly photo of you.  They want feel like they know you a little bit, even if they haven’t met you in person yet.

Headshots by Stefanie Blue - TRUE BLUE Portrait DesignYou’ve heard the saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul”.  Social media profile images should never feature you with shaded or hidden eyes.  That means no sunglasses, visors, or hats that shadow the face, especially eyes.  While you may look sporty with your baseball cap, that’s not an appropriate image you want for any business page of your social media.  There are some creative ways to incorporate a hat into an image, but your photographer needs to make sure the eyes still take center stage.

Headshots by Stefanie Blue - TRUE BLUE Portrait DesignWhile this image doesn’t qualify as a typical headshot, it’s still a lovely image.  And there’s nothing wrong with coming away with a beautiful portrait that your honey or a family member would love to have.  No honey?  Then it’s time to beef up your online dating profile!  🙂

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