Month: June 2015

Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day again.  This image is from one of my earliest newborn portrait sessions.  Dad is a big, buff guy, and rather stoic, but he was absolutely smitten by his tiny, 6 lb. bundle of joy.  Over the years, I’ve had many occasions where I stand in awe watching the bond between a father and his children.  It’s truly rewarding, and does my soul good! Cheers to all the great dads out there!  You have little ones that think the world of you. 🙂

School’s Out & Summer’s Comin’! | San Diego Kid’s Photoshoot Special

School’s out, and there’s only one thing that can mean – Summer’s Coming!!  Yay!  And that means it’s time to play!! Whether you’re celebrating  your child’s recent promotion, or they need some headshots for acting or modeling, or your little cutie just likes to ham it up for the camera – it’s the perfect time to get in on the deal!  Have more than one child?  Two are just $99 when photographed together. This is a limited-time offer, with only a few available spots.  We’ll shoot at some fun locations around San Diego, during the month of June.  For questions, or to book your session, email: .

5 Questions to Ask Your Headshot Photographer

There are plenty of newbie photographers or “fauxtographers” out there that will work cheap. And the saying, “you get what you pay for” applies, which unfortunately can come with quite a sting later on. In-experienced photographers are looking for a quick buck with a “snap, flash, bye-bye” approach, and are always on the look-out for their next new client. They don’t have systems in place for good service, let alone client retention. Ultimately, they tend to burn out fast, and leave the industry. Established photographers are in this for the long haul, and they are looking for new clients to serve many times over the years – even if it’s for a “simple” headshot. They strive to provide clients with great quality, good value, and a reason to come back.   The quality is evident in their portfolio. Value comes in to play with services like complimentary retouching, archiving your purchased files in case you lose them or a hard drive fails. And of course, they want repeat business, so they stay in touch and offer …

MAN TIPS for professional headshots

I work primarily with women, due mostly to the fact that men can’t stand the fuss of getting their photographs taken.  They don’t like to deal with the wardrobe, and posing.  However, men need great headshots as much as the ladies.  So, fellas, if you’re going to do it.  At least do it right, and then you won’t need to do it as often! 🙂