Month: July 2015

Why LinkedIn Makes Me Cry!

I made a new connection on LinkedIn last night, and then started scrolling through “other people you might now” . . . and let me tell you, it was frightening, and sad. LinkedIn makes me want to cry. I mean, some of the photos people are using on what’s considered the most “professional” and “formal” of social media . . . well, they’re simply tragic. Maybe now you’re wondering if you need a new headshot. How do you know? Here are 4 Desperate Cries for Help! YOU KNOW YOU NEED A NEW HEADSHOT IF: It currently looks like you’re in the witness protection program. If you have the anonymous avatar (no profile image), you’re not going to engage prospects or grow your audience. If you’re an entertainer, speaker, singer, etc., and you don’t have an image – what exactly are you thinking? YOU are your brand even more than other professions like “realtor” or “financial planner”.   Show yourself! You are representing yourself with a blurry/fuzzy image, it shows that you don’t care about details. Is …

A “Simple” Headshot

I often am asked if I can just do a “simple” headshot – for $100 or less, with assurances that it really won’t take much of my time. So what is a simple headshot? Based on the requests, people seem to think it means “not full body”, “just a close-up” or “just one shot”, or it’s “just for LinkedIn”. There was a time when this would have frustrated me, or made me get up upset because a prospect or client doesn’t value my work, my skill, my knowledge, or my time. Now I realize, as in most things in business, it’s not really that they don’t like me or my work – hey, they’ve made the inquiry – it’s just that they don’t really know what all goes in to the work. Iit’s an opportunity to educate the general public. Let me share a few insights, and you’ll understand that short of me showing up with my cell phone, taking a quick shot of you, and texting it to you on the spot, there really …

Claim Your Independence! (from boring Senior Portraits)

Calling the Class of 2016!!  It’s that time of year again – getting ready for that last year before going off into the land of adulthood.  A time when you hover between “kid stuff” and “grown-up stuff”.  We think that’s pretty exciting – and worth celebrating!   So this summer, we’re celebrating Seniors! Grab a Senior Photoshoot for ONLY $79. There are only 10 spots at this special price, so get yours before they’re gone!! Must book by 7/11/15, and portrait session must be completed by 8/15/15. What’s your dream photoshoot?  What’s your personality?  We’ll tailor the perfect session that shows the world just how unique you are!