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Why LinkedIn Makes Me Cry!

Business Branding Headshots by TRUE BLUE PortraitI made a new connection on LinkedIn last night, and then started scrolling through “other people you might now” . . . and let me tell you, it was frightening, and sad. LinkedIn makes me want to cry. I mean, some of the photos people are using on what’s considered the most “professional” and “formal” of social media . . . well, they’re simply tragic.

Maybe now you’re wondering if you need a new headshot. How do you know? Here are 4 Desperate Cries for Help!


  1. It currently looks like you’re in the witness protection program. If you have the anonymous avatar (no profile image), you’re not going to engage prospects or grow your audience. If you’re an entertainer, speaker, singer, etc., and you don’t have an image – what exactly are you thinking? YOU are your brand even more than other professions like “realtor” or “financial planner”.   Show yourself!
  2. You are representing yourself with a blurry/fuzzy image, it shows that you don’t care about details. Is that the message you want to send to prospects/clients?
  3. You look drunk, hungover, angry, or half-asleep – what impression are you sending to your audience? Do you think a potential employer will deem you a good candidate for a position? Will you be a good representative of their company?
  4. Your picture was professionally taken – 20 years ago. What? Who wants to do business with someone who doesn’t represent who they really are? Is that authentic? The message is also that you don’t keep up with the times. Business isn’t what it was 20 years ago. Today’s prospect will not assume you know how to do business is today’s market. Maybe it hasn’t been that long. Maybe you’ve had significant weight change, or drastic hair change. If you don’t look like yourself, it’s time.

If any of these applies to you, it’s time to take action, and step up your game.  When people are looking to hire you, they want to envision being able to work with you.  Don’t make them cringe.  And please, don’t make me cry. 🙂

Stefanie is a portrait and branding photographer based in Southern California. She has worked with many authors, speakers, and coaches, and professionals across many industries. She has worked with business men and women from the West Coast to the East Coast, as well as international clients from Canada, Spain, and China. She is known for putting her clients at ease, providing reassuring guidance, and creating tailored sessions that bring out her subject’s personality to visually represent their personal and business brand.

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