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Senior Portrait Sale! Don’t Miss Out!

seniors portraits in san diego

Ahhh, senior portrait season – when the cattle calls are made at the big studios that photograph 1000’s of high school seniors. . . .

I remember going through that with my son a couple years ago.  He was required to use the school’s recommended photographer for the yearbook photo.  And what most people believe is that they have no other options.  Not true!

Yes, the school wants all their students to have a uniform look so the yearbook looks cohesive.  But outside of the yearbook photo, you can use any photographer you want.  When my son went to the “other” photographer, he was made to wear a tie (not his thing0, they sat him on a swivel stool.  The teenage “photographer” pulled a thin ribbon from the soft box (flash) to his chin, and she pressed the button.  She had him swivel the other way, did the same thing, click the button, and BOOM!  5 minutes later he was done!

Needless to say, we didn’t purchase any of those photos.  His personality was nowhere to be found in them!  Here’s one we did when he let me photograph him.  We found some paint-peeling walls downtown for a little grunge, grabbed his guitar, and made it about him.  BTW, he’s an amazing guitar player – self-taught, even! (proud mama moment here).

Fun high school senior photography by TRUE BLUE Portrait Design

Fun high school senior photography by TRUE BLUE Portrait Design

Now, there are quite a few kids that just don’t give a rip about senior photos.  They may not like being in front of the camera, or making a fuss.  That would have been me – I’m MUCH more comfortable behind the camera!

But there are a select few in every school that do like to shake things up a bit, to show off who they are, what makes them tick, and have fun getting creative.  Those are my peeps!  Check out the seniors gallery here.

So this week, we’re featuring a supa-dupa sale –

just $79 for a senior portrait session

at the location of your choice (in San Diego County). 

Let’s get creative!  Let’s show the world who this cool almost-adult person is!  Let’s give mom some amazing memories of “her baby” before you fly the coop and head off to college! 

Who’s in?

To grab your spot before it’s gone, contact: or (619) 995-8410

And here’s a BONUS for reading through to here! You can receive your own, personalized app (like this one) for your smart phone by mentioning this code: SENAPP15  Ask for details.senior portraits with style and funOh yes!  The fine print:  The session fee is due at time of booking.  Prints and products (we have ah-MAZ-ing cool products!) are sold separately.  We’ll spend almost an hour together for your photoshoot.  If you want to get your fashionista on and add an outfit or two, ask about that when scheduling.  Most seniors like the extra pampering of a professional makeup artist, and I can hook you up with that, too.  No worries about any untimely blemishes.  Sessions must be completed by Nov 15, 2015.  Prints and wall portrait orders must be placed by Dec 1, 2015 to ensure holiday delivery.  Albums take 3-4 weeks for design, and up to 6 weeks delivery during holiday season.

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