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How Often Should We Do Family Portraits?

family portraits should be updated regularlyHow often should you do family portraits?  Well, the simplest answer is every year.  But some people go all out for their family photographs – large wall pieces, heirloom albums, and the works.  Their family portraits actually become part of the home’s decor.  And that can be quite an investment.  So is the expectation to do that every year?

No.  While it’s great to track the family through the years, there are some years that the kids don’t change all that much.  For those times, it’s recommended to still have an annual family portrait – but keep it simple with smaller print packages.  Maybe you change out one of the framed prints on the wall, and a handful of images around the house on end tables, or on the mantle.

So how do you know when family portraits should be updated in a big way?

Here are a few simple guidelines to your family portrait updates:

  • When you have a new addition to the family.
  • Every year the first 5 years is a good guideline, because little ones change SOOO much those first few years.  Once they go into 1st grade, they start losing teeth, but otherwise, the changes are more subtle.
  • Around age 10, they typically have their “grown-up” teeth again, at least when they smile, and that’s a great time to update the large portrait over the fireplace, or in the foyer.
  • When your girl or boy finishes middle school is another great time to update your portraits, or wall collages.  Sometimes your tween may want a little personal attention from the camera, as they’re proud of their achievements, and looking forward to high school.
  • Of course, there are the senior portraits.  This is a big deal.  For this, they typically do a whole senior portrait session by themselves.  Mom and dad, you’ll want to have at least one large portrait of your baby who is almost all grown up now.  Senior sessions are a lot of fun, because they’re more independent, and you’ll catch a glimpse of your child as the adult they’re becoming.
  • But be sure to schedule a family session before  your child leaves for college.  Because realistically, after that, you won’t have any other formal photos together until his or her wedding day {sniffle, sniffle, tear}.

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