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It’s Never “Just” About LinkedIn | San Diego Brand Photographer

not just linked in profileSo often I get a call from someone asking about updating their headshot. I have several packages, from bare bones, to the elite “concierge-style” premium packages. A lot of people shake their heads (I can actually hear them on the other end of the line) and say, “I only need one really good image for LinkedIn.”

And while that may be the primary goal, it’s never really just about LinkedIn. There are so many times people need a great image. If they’re good at their job, and they’re focused on growing their business and excelling in their industry, there are so many places to use a strong image that reflect you, your brand, and your business.

For instance, a few years ago, a sweet woman I had photographed called to share a surprising story. She had attended her company’s national conference where she was being honored as a top achiever. She shared that she was so glad she had her photos professionally done because when she walked into the conference she saw a life-sized banner with her image on it!

I frequently get calls that clients are being asked to submit an image for a magazine for a featured article. Or they’re speaking somewhere, and the meeting planner needs an image for their announcement/newsletter.  And then there are the business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, speaker one-sheets, media kits, personal social media, business social media, book jackets, website bio page, email signature, and the list goes on.

how to use image to elevate your brand

For more ideas you may have not thought about yet, check out this fun slideshare: 25 Ways to Use Your Headshot Image to Elevate Your Personal Brand.

So how many places could you strategically use a few great images? How would you elevate your personal brand with fresh, polished images that show off your professionalism?

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