Month: May 2016

girl in tutu in field

Pretty in Purple! | San Diego Contemporary Glamour Photographer

Holy drama!  There’s the capture of what and who is in front of you.  And then I bring it home and play with it – I say it’s like having a coloring book.  It’s where the extra element of art is added, and I end up with what I envision at the moment the shutter clicked.  Science and art merged exquisitely! Just look at those eyes! Teeshie was such a sport letting me “fit” her with another handmade tulle creation.  I think I made about 8 tutus during this creative frenzy.  Luckily, Mr. Honey stands in as my at-home model when I need to check if the skirts are long enough. lol!  (don’t tell him I told you!)  And yes, my home looked like a tulle tornado had gone through it – for several weeks. TOTALLY WORTH IT! And then I found this purple magnolia silk flower.  So of course, I had to made that a wrist corsage – for effect.  It’s for art, people! 😉