Month: July 2016

branding photos for media

It’s Good to be a Ginger! | Personal Branding in San Diego

As a photographer, I’m innately trained to see the beauty in everything.  But there are certain things – texture, lines and curves, pretty eyes, and red hair are especially fun to photograph.  And Ellie has some gorgeous red hair!  Plus, she’s a smart lady, world traveler, and productivity coach.  I was tickled to work with her on her personal branding for her new website! Yes, I know she’s off to one side.  Completely intentional.  Don’t be afraid of the extra blank area, known as “negative space”.  It’s actually a very good thing, because with graphic design, that’s an ideal place to place text, or your brand message.  Think about landing pages, facebook banners, and auto-responders, where you can insert your company info or a call-to-action! A white seamless background works beautifully for a clean look that is versatile for marketing materials and even book covers!  Say it after me – negative space is good space! Outside the building we photographed at was a gorgeous patch of mustard.  I’m a sucker for all the flora and …

outdoor glam for women

Gerrica Goes Glam! | Contemporary Portraits in San Diego

What’s not normal about hanging out in an evening gown, chillaxin’ in a tree?  lol! Aaahhhh – nature and beauty.  Soak it all in. That stare.  It captivates.  I’m not sure who captured who’s soul on this one! Moody and artsy – because we can. 🙂 And then there’s this dress.  Again, me and the fabric store – it’s a love-hate relationship.  LOVE all the finds.  HATE how I get sucked in, and then I’m making skirts and dresses and such. I couldn’t resist this ruffle fabric, especially in the pale pink.  It’s so girly-girl, and worthy of a pretty-pretty princess! Ah, Miss Gerrica.  One of the sweetest souls I’ve ever known. ❤ Save