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Gerrica Goes Glam! | Contemporary Portraits in San Diego

outdoor glam for women

outdoor glam for women

What’s not normal about hanging out in an evening gown, chillaxin’ in a tree?  lol!outdoor glam for women

Aaahhhh – nature and beauty.  Soak it all in.

outdoor glam for women

That stare.  It captivates.  I’m not sure who captured who’s soul on this one!

outdoor glam for women

Moody and artsy – because we can. :)outdoor glam for women

And then there’s this dress.  Again, me and the fabric store – it’s a love-hate relationship.  LOVE all the finds.  HATE how I get sucked in, and then I’m making skirts and dresses and such. I couldn’t resist this ruffle fabric, especially in the pale pink.  It’s so girly-girl, and worthy of a pretty-pretty princess!outdoor glam for women

Ah, Miss Gerrica.  One of the sweetest souls I’ve ever known. ❤


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