Month: September 2016

Grace Conquers All | San Diego Headshots

Let me tell you – Phyllis is one amazing woman.  I am so blessed to have such beautiful clients – and I don’t just mean looks.  Within minutes of meeting Phyllis and talking about our heart-centered projects, we both had goosebumps.  AND she gives warm hugs! Phyllis was updating her website, which has a very clean, modern look.  We chose a location that allowed us to match the theme, without a sterile studio look.  Phyllis loves being outdoors, and she had an emotional connection to this location, so she was very relaxed and at ease. We brought in a little pop of purple – part of her logo/branding, and her favorite color!  I love how it brings out the blue in her eyes. Phyllis has an amazing, touching story of tradgedy that she has turned into a beautiful story, a beautiful life, and a beautiful business that helps so many.  She will be featured in our Inspiration Project book coming out soon – so we can’t divulge too many details yet!