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Pretty Mama! | San Diego Child & Family Photographer

outdoor maternity photoshoot

outdoor maternity photoshoot

I’ve had the distinct honor of being there for this sweet mama’s 3 pregnancies.  This time we hopped out of the studio (I’m mobile now) and stepped into the great outdoors.  Mom let me get a little creative and create a dramatic ‘gown’ for her, too!  Add some sweet light, and voila!  the perfect amount of photo drama for this mama!

outdoor maternity photoshoot

Love the leading lines of this fence, highlighting Mama L.

outdoor maternity photoshoot

A beautiful solo maternity photo.

outdoor maternity photoshoot

But we can’t leave dad out.  These two are the cutest, and so in love! ❤

outdoor maternity photoshoot

Or the sweet girls that are growing up sooo fast!  They’re excited to meet their little sister!

outdoor maternity photoshoot

One last beautiful shot before the sun goes down on another wonderful day!  Congratulations!


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