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Value(able) Business Woman | Personal Branding Southern California

It was a pleasure meeting and working with this dynamic lady.  Not only is she a c-level executive in the financial industry, but is also the brilliant author of a book on values-based business, and a motivational speaker who is passionate about helping the next generation! I think I like the little white dress almost as much as a little black dress! One of the best things about my job as a photographer is the amazing people that I meet – from so many walks of life. And I love doing a headshot photoshoot because I get to connect with the person individually.  And when we’re doing a personal branding session, I get to know their personality, their passions, and connect on an even deeper level. ❤ Save

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Communicating, Visually | Personal Branding Photographer

This lady has such polish and poise, and her business is all about communication – interpersonally, in business, content creation, etc.  But for this personal branding photoshoot, we got to focus on visual communication – how your images resonate with your target audience. Such a relaxed, inviting photo. Gotta love that smile.  Fun, fresh, confident!  

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor | San Diego Personal Branding

Between the colors and her friendly expression, there’s all kinds of good energy going on with this headshot! Miss J is down-to-earth, and kind-hearted, and this image perfectly captures that. Such a beautiful backdrop of her neighborhood where she lives and sells real estate.  Even though it’s intentionally blurry (she’s still the main focus), it sets the tone. Love the quiet confidence with this soft smile.  Absolutely beautiful!

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The Contemporary CEO | San Diego Headshots

Miss B was referred by a friend, and I was delighted to make her acquaintance.  She needed new headshots for some recognition she was getting at work, but had a trip planned out of country in just a few days.  I was lucky to have an opening, and the rest they say, is history! I absolutely love the clean and contemporary elegance and sophistication she exudes.  As a C-level corporate woman, she has such a quiet power that is beautifully captured in the photo above. Of course, it’s usually the close-up headshot that gets used on the company “about us” page.  Done well, it should still command attention, and not be easily passed over. Another confident, friendly, and approachable business headshot.  Of course, you’d like to do business with Miss B! And before we ended, we had to just kick off the shoes, and take a more casual approach, curled up in the chair, with the lovely sweets peas in the background.  This was a photo gifted to her hubby! 😉 Save

Being Vibrant! | Personal Branding Photography

Meet Nina – she has a loving and vibrant soul, and we had so much fun planning her personal branding photoshoot!  As a relationship and business coach, she helps her clients get past the blocks that are holding them back. So much good vibe action in this shot!  Light and love! 🙂 Crisp and clean, like a new day.  Great way to start the day, week, and year – and work on your goals. Why yes, I will make just about anything a pretty background!  Clients are often surprised when I ask them to stand or sit in front of something mundane, and then they see how I made the photo turn out – what you see is not always what I see! 😉 Such a pretty portrait! What a way to wrap up a photoshoot!  Couldn’t have asked for a prettier sunset.  And this confident billionaire pose is the cherry on top!

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A Ray of Sunshine! | Personal Branding in San Diego

Kelly truly is a ray of sunshine! She has such a light within, and she naturally shares that with those she meets. Not only was Kelly great to work with during her personal branding photoshoot, but we got to play in her closet before during the styling and wardrobe consultation.  And she’s got some great shoes!  I call them “dinner and a movie” shoes, because I don’t normally wear heels, but I admire from afar – and occasionally photograph them! And that smile!  Such good energy radiating on the photo above and below. Something for a softer side . . . I’m a sucker for a colorful background – especially when it brings out those beautiful blue eyes!  Thanks, Kelly!  It was a pleasure creating your brand with you! Save

Grace Conquers All | San Diego Headshots

Let me tell you – Phyllis is one amazing woman.  I am so blessed to have such beautiful clients – and I don’t just mean looks.  Within minutes of meeting Phyllis and talking about our heart-centered projects, we both had goosebumps.  AND she gives warm hugs! Phyllis was updating her website, which has a very clean, modern look.  We chose a location that allowed us to match the theme, without a sterile studio look.  Phyllis loves being outdoors, and she had an emotional connection to this location, so she was very relaxed and at ease. We brought in a little pop of purple – part of her logo/branding, and her favorite color!  I love how it brings out the blue in her eyes. Phyllis has an amazing, touching story of tradgedy that she has turned into a beautiful story, a beautiful life, and a beautiful business that helps so many.  She will be featured in our Inspiration Project book coming out soon – so we can’t divulge too many details yet!

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It’s Good to be a Ginger! | Personal Branding in San Diego

As a photographer, I’m innately trained to see the beauty in everything.  But there are certain things – texture, lines and curves, pretty eyes, and red hair are especially fun to photograph.  And Ellie has some gorgeous red hair!  Plus, she’s a smart lady, world traveler, and productivity coach.  I was tickled to work with her on her personal branding for her new website! Yes, I know she’s off to one side.  Completely intentional.  Don’t be afraid of the extra blank area, known as “negative space”.  It’s actually a very good thing, because with graphic design, that’s an ideal place to place text, or your brand message.  Think about landing pages, facebook banners, and auto-responders, where you can insert your company info or a call-to-action! A white seamless background works beautifully for a clean look that is versatile for marketing materials and even book covers!  Say it after me – negative space is good space! Outside the building we photographed at was a gorgeous patch of mustard.  I’m a sucker for all the flora and …