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25 Ways to Use Your Image & Elevate Your Brand

Most business professionals realize they need a good profile picture for LinkedIn, but fail to realize how many other opportunities there are to leverage their image and personal brand. Trust me, they think it’s just the profile image, and then I get calls a month or two later, with – “Help!  I need a shot for a magazine I’m being featured in!”  Well, that’s a good problem to have!  I want all of you to have “that” problem! So it helps to think ahead of time about all the ways you may be able to use your personally branded image to create more visibility for your personal AND business brand. Check out some of these brilliant examples: For those who position themselves as experts in their field, there are speaking opportunities, books to be authored, and products to be made – from webinars, CDs, and more. Industry leaders, speakers, authors, and other professionals who wish to elevate their brand will need their personal brand to resonate with their audience, while still reflecting their own authentic …

Fashionable & Fun | San Diego Business Branding Headshots

What a lovely lady – inside and out!  Miss ‘J’ came all the way from Chicago for a conference, and we set up a photoshoot while she was in town.  With years in the fashion industry, she simply exuded elegance and sophistication. Love the personality shining through here.  And is it just me, or is she channeling a little Celine Dion in this shot? Who said headshots have to be boring?  People are much more likely to remember you if they catch a glimpse of your soul.