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Value(able) Business Woman | Personal Branding Southern California

It was a pleasure meeting and working with this dynamic lady.  Not only is she a c-level executive in the financial industry, but is also the brilliant author of a book on values-based business, and a motivational speaker who is passionate about helping the next generation! I think I like the little white dress almost as much as a little black dress! One of the best things about my job as a photographer is the amazing people that I meet – from so many walks of life. And I love doing a headshot photoshoot because I get to connect with the person individually.  And when we’re doing a personal branding session, I get to know their personality, their passions, and connect on an even deeper level. ❤ Save

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor | San Diego Personal Branding

Between the colors and her friendly expression, there’s all kinds of good energy going on with this headshot! Miss J is down-to-earth, and kind-hearted, and this image perfectly captures that. Such a beautiful backdrop of her neighborhood where she lives and sells real estate.  Even though it’s intentionally blurry (she’s still the main focus), it sets the tone. Love the quiet confidence with this soft smile.  Absolutely beautiful!

A “Simple” Headshot

I often am asked if I can just do a “simple” headshot – for $100 or less, with assurances that it really won’t take much of my time. So what is a simple headshot? Based on the requests, people seem to think it means “not full body”, “just a close-up” or “just one shot”, or it’s “just for LinkedIn”. There was a time when this would have frustrated me, or made me get up upset because a prospect or client doesn’t value my work, my skill, my knowledge, or my time. Now I realize, as in most things in business, it’s not really that they don’t like me or my work – hey, they’ve made the inquiry – it’s just that they don’t really know what all goes in to the work. Iit’s an opportunity to educate the general public. Let me share a few insights, and you’ll understand that short of me showing up with my cell phone, taking a quick shot of you, and texting it to you on the spot, there really …

Who Said Corporate Headshots Have to Be Stuffy?

Corporate headshots typically elicit thoughts of dry, boring, dull, cookie-cutter headshots.  But that doesn’t need to be the case.  True, if you hire a photographer to come to the office, you’ll likely have an assembly-line style shoot, where each person steps in front of the camera for a moment or two, and that’s the image you get.  No wonder so many corporate headshots make me want to cry.To get images that bring out your personality, it takes more than minute in front of the camera.  You need to be able to relax, and feel at ease.  Being in front of the lens is outside most people’s comfort zone.  You want to work with a photographer who is skilled at making people comfortable. There’s also the preparation that goes into the photoshoot – wardrobe, makeup, and location.  Each of these elements makes a big impact.  Then there’s posing and lighting, which is up to your photographer.  Having a photographer come to the “office” with cubicles, exit signs, and those awful flourescent lights, does not yield a …

Fashionable & Fun | San Diego Business Branding Headshots

What a lovely lady – inside and out!  Miss ‘J’ came all the way from Chicago for a conference, and we set up a photoshoot while she was in town.  With years in the fashion industry, she simply exuded elegance and sophistication. Love the personality shining through here.  And is it just me, or is she channeling a little Celine Dion in this shot? Who said headshots have to be boring?  People are much more likely to remember you if they catch a glimpse of your soul.