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That Sibling Bond

I think it’s funny how young children can see old photos of their parents or older siblings, way before they “were a twinkle” and their question is always, “where was I?”  They want to know how they fit in, and they can’t imagine a universe in which they did not exist – usually as the center of attention.  That’s just a normal part of their development. So when I have the opportunity to capture that sibling bond, it’s so much fun.  I love the way he grabs his little toes! What I love about this session is that 15-20 years from now, he will not believe he how little he was, that he was just this little, drooly bundle of giggles that fit on her lap.  By then, he’ll probably tower over her.  But he’ll always be her little brother that she feels protective over.Although he feel just as unsure of her hugging on him like that in front of people! 😉