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Growing Up Too Fast! | San Diego Family Photographer

These two.  Oh my goodness.  I’ve had the distinct honor of photographing them since they were mama’s “bumps”.  They are so very smart, and kind, and yes, silly! ❤ There were a lot of “outtakes” but sometimes it all comes together. 😉  And when you get to photograph some of your favorite people, in one of your favorite places – well, you find yourself smiling as much behind the camera as they do in front of it! What’s the saying?  It all started because two people fell in love. . . . And then there’s this time when little brother thought he was going to photobomb, but he ended up just looking completely adorable, and they create one of their favorite photos to hang on the wall. 🙂 Save Save

Don’t Miss Your Chance! Only a Few Spots Left! | San Diego Child and Family Photography

Now through 11.5.15, grab a family portrait session for just $179 (reg. $250), and get a bonus facebook cover photo!  There are only a few spots left on the calendar, if you’re needing to mail prints and cards to family, although I will continue photographing until the week of Christmas.  Check out the Holiday Schedule and Cut-Off Dates. San Diego is the perfect place for family portraits, and we enjoy beautiful weather most of the year, but do be aware, we are anticipating a little El Nino action, which may impact scheduled sessions.  So, don’t dilly-dally and wait until the last minute. 😉 To book your child or family session, contact:

How Often Should We Do Family Portraits?

How often should you do family portraits?  Well, the simplest answer is every year.  But some people go all out for their family photographs – large wall pieces, heirloom albums, and the works.  Their family portraits actually become part of the home’s decor.  And that can be quite an investment.  So is the expectation to do that every year? No.  While it’s great to track the family through the years, there are some years that the kids don’t change all that much.  For those times, it’s recommended to still have an annual family portrait – but keep it simple with smaller print packages.  Maybe you change out one of the framed prints on the wall, and a handful of images around the house on end tables, or on the mantle. So how do you know when family portraits should be updated in a big way? Here are a few simple guidelines to your family portrait updates: When you have a new addition to the family. Every year the first 5 years is a good guideline, …


Can you believe it’s almost “that time” of year?  I swear it was 4th of July a couple weeks ago! In an effort to make sure this holiday season runs smoothly, that all the aunties and grandmas get their pictures of your cute little ones, and so that I’m not a complete crazy person with the people I love  – I’m posting all the important dates you should be aware of. WORD OF ADVICE:  Don’t put off until the last minute.  I won’t take on more clients than I can manage.  I strive to provide superior customer service, and the highest quality, and those will not be sacrificed during busy periods.  In addition, we are anticipating a rainy season, and some scheduled photoshoots will have to be rescheduled due to weather.  So schedule sooner, rather than later, to ensure the best possible family portrait this year! Nov 6th – heirloom album proofs must be approved for print to ensure holiday delivery.  Estimated delivery to you:  Dec 16-20th. Nov 23th – standard album proofs must be …

Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day again.  This image is from one of my earliest newborn portrait sessions.  Dad is a big, buff guy, and rather stoic, but he was absolutely smitten by his tiny, 6 lb. bundle of joy.  Over the years, I’ve had many occasions where I stand in awe watching the bond between a father and his children.  It’s truly rewarding, and does my soul good! Cheers to all the great dads out there!  You have little ones that think the world of you. 🙂