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5 Questions to Ask Your Headshot Photographer

There are plenty of newbie photographers or “fauxtographers” out there that will work cheap. And the saying, “you get what you pay for” applies, which unfortunately can come with quite a sting later on. In-experienced photographers are looking for a quick buck with a “snap, flash, bye-bye” approach, and are always on the look-out for their next new client. They don’t have systems in place for good service, let alone client retention. Ultimately, they tend to burn out fast, and leave the industry. Established photographers are in this for the long haul, and they are looking for new clients to serve many times over the years – even if it’s for a “simple” headshot. They strive to provide clients with great quality, good value, and a reason to come back.   The quality is evident in their portfolio. Value comes in to play with services like complimentary retouching, archiving your purchased files in case you lose them or a hard drive fails. And of course, they want repeat business, so they stay in touch and offer …

MAN TIPS for professional headshots

I work primarily with women, due mostly to the fact that men can’t stand the fuss of getting their photographs taken.  They don’t like to deal with the wardrobe, and posing.  However, men need great headshots as much as the ladies.  So, fellas, if you’re going to do it.  At least do it right, and then you won’t need to do it as often! 🙂

Who Said Corporate Headshots Have to Be Stuffy?

Corporate headshots typically elicit thoughts of dry, boring, dull, cookie-cutter headshots.  But that doesn’t need to be the case.  True, if you hire a photographer to come to the office, you’ll likely have an assembly-line style shoot, where each person steps in front of the camera for a moment or two, and that’s the image you get.  No wonder so many corporate headshots make me want to cry.To get images that bring out your personality, it takes more than minute in front of the camera.  You need to be able to relax, and feel at ease.  Being in front of the lens is outside most people’s comfort zone.  You want to work with a photographer who is skilled at making people comfortable. There’s also the preparation that goes into the photoshoot – wardrobe, makeup, and location.  Each of these elements makes a big impact.  Then there’s posing and lighting, which is up to your photographer.  Having a photographer come to the “office” with cubicles, exit signs, and those awful flourescent lights, does not yield a …