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Communicating, Visually | Personal Branding Photographer

This lady has such polish and poise, and her business is all about communication – interpersonally, in business, content creation, etc.  But for this personal branding photoshoot, we got to focus on visual communication – how your images resonate with your target audience. Such a relaxed, inviting photo. Gotta love that smile.  Fun, fresh, confident!  

Being Vibrant! | Personal Branding Photography

Meet Nina – she has a loving and vibrant soul, and we had so much fun planning her personal branding photoshoot!  As a relationship and business coach, she helps her clients get past the blocks that are holding them back. So much good vibe action in this shot!  Light and love! 🙂 Crisp and clean, like a new day.  Great way to start the day, week, and year – and work on your goals. Why yes, I will make just about anything a pretty background!  Clients are often surprised when I ask them to stand or sit in front of something mundane, and then they see how I made the photo turn out – what you see is not always what I see! 😉 Such a pretty portrait! What a way to wrap up a photoshoot!  Couldn’t have asked for a prettier sunset.  And this confident billionaire pose is the cherry on top!

Girl Boss Gets Branded! | Personal Branding in San Diego

I love meeting business professionals that are moving and shaking it up!  Rebecca scheduled her branding headshots to go with being featured in a magazine, and a few other PR projects.  We went for a sophisticated business look that’s still fun and fresh.  I adore this closeup – those eyes and that smile – yes! One goal when updating your headshots is to give prospects an idea of what it’s like to do business with you.  This seated pose in the chair makes me feel like she’s ready to listen to me. Love this lacy dress, BTW. And I love how she’s leaning in, engaged, and has her ‘game face’ on! MOOD!  Great image that conveys a message of joy, happiness, and accomplishment!  Mood photos are great on social media to convey a lifestyle or feeling you want to share with prospects and clients. Save Save