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chef branding headshots in kitchen

What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’? | San Diego Headshots

Had a great time photographing Chef Marissa of The Intuitive Kitchen.  We tied in the red and black of her logo with props in the kitchen, and her wardrobe, and it all came together beautifully!  Que magnifique! Personal branding matters – it lends a polished, cohesive look to your website and marketing materials!  And of course, we always want that personality shining through. Save

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Branding That Adds Up! | San Diego Headshots

This was not my first time working with Betty.  She’s an accountant, who was ready to refresh her brand and her website with some updated headshots.  So that’s what we did! I do love helping style my clients.  Sometimes I pull together outfits they never would have thought go together, but it all works!  Then sometimes, you get a client who is naturally stylish, and has perfect accessories to go with everything.  That’s this lady!  Look how she pulled together that colorful necklace, which is tied into the other bright colors.  Nice! I love how clean and sophisticated the white-on-white is.  White generally washes out skin tone, BUT, when used strategically, so that everything is white EXCEPT for you, then YOU become the focus of the image.  And isn’t she lovely? And there is never anything wrong with showing that confidence – and a touch of sass! Save

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A Ray of Sunshine! | Personal Branding in San Diego

Kelly truly is a ray of sunshine! She has such a light within, and she naturally shares that with those she meets. Not only was Kelly great to work with during her personal branding photoshoot, but we got to play in her closet before during the styling and wardrobe consultation.  And she’s got some great shoes!  I call them “dinner and a movie” shoes, because I don’t normally wear heels, but I admire from afar – and occasionally photograph them! And that smile!  Such good energy radiating on the photo above and below. Something for a softer side . . . I’m a sucker for a colorful background – especially when it brings out those beautiful blue eyes!  Thanks, Kelly!  It was a pleasure creating your brand with you! Save

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It’s Good to be a Ginger! | Personal Branding in San Diego

As a photographer, I’m innately trained to see the beauty in everything.  But there are certain things – texture, lines and curves, pretty eyes, and red hair are especially fun to photograph.  And Ellie has some gorgeous red hair!  Plus, she’s a smart lady, world traveler, and productivity coach.  I was tickled to work with her on her personal branding for her new website! Yes, I know she’s off to one side.  Completely intentional.  Don’t be afraid of the extra blank area, known as “negative space”.  It’s actually a very good thing, because with graphic design, that’s an ideal place to place text, or your brand message.  Think about landing pages, facebook banners, and auto-responders, where you can insert your company info or a call-to-action! A white seamless background works beautifully for a clean look that is versatile for marketing materials and even book covers!  Say it after me – negative space is good space! Outside the building we photographed at was a gorgeous patch of mustard.  I’m a sucker for all the flora and …

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C-Level Gets Contemporary | Southern California Headshots

I had the privilege of photographing Georgia for the cover of Women Lead Magazine.  Love the ease of confidence in this covershot. She loved these orchids, and they matched her skirt in her favorite color, so we couldn’t resist a power pose making use of the color. When Georgia delivered her keynote speech, I was impressed with her passion for mentoring.  She credits her success as a C-level executive with mentoring she received early on in her career, and she is determined to pay it forward! Save Save

Why LinkedIn Makes Me Cry!

I made a new connection on LinkedIn last night, and then started scrolling through “other people you might now” . . . and let me tell you, it was frightening, and sad. LinkedIn makes me want to cry. I mean, some of the photos people are using on what’s considered the most “professional” and “formal” of social media . . . well, they’re simply tragic. Maybe now you’re wondering if you need a new headshot. How do you know? Here are 4 Desperate Cries for Help! YOU KNOW YOU NEED A NEW HEADSHOT IF: It currently looks like you’re in the witness protection program. If you have the anonymous avatar (no profile image), you’re not going to engage prospects or grow your audience. If you’re an entertainer, speaker, singer, etc., and you don’t have an image – what exactly are you thinking? YOU are your brand even more than other professions like “realtor” or “financial planner”.   Show yourself! You are representing yourself with a blurry/fuzzy image, it shows that you don’t care about details. Is …

5 Questions to Ask Your Headshot Photographer

There are plenty of newbie photographers or “fauxtographers” out there that will work cheap. And the saying, “you get what you pay for” applies, which unfortunately can come with quite a sting later on. In-experienced photographers are looking for a quick buck with a “snap, flash, bye-bye” approach, and are always on the look-out for their next new client. They don’t have systems in place for good service, let alone client retention. Ultimately, they tend to burn out fast, and leave the industry. Established photographers are in this for the long haul, and they are looking for new clients to serve many times over the years – even if it’s for a “simple” headshot. They strive to provide clients with great quality, good value, and a reason to come back.   The quality is evident in their portfolio. Value comes in to play with services like complimentary retouching, archiving your purchased files in case you lose them or a hard drive fails. And of course, they want repeat business, so they stay in touch and offer …

MAN TIPS for professional headshots

I work primarily with women, due mostly to the fact that men can’t stand the fuss of getting their photographs taken.  They don’t like to deal with the wardrobe, and posing.  However, men need great headshots as much as the ladies.  So, fellas, if you’re going to do it.  At least do it right, and then you won’t need to do it as often! 🙂