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Can you believe it’s almost “that time” of year?  I swear it was 4th of July a couple weeks ago! In an effort to make sure this holiday season runs smoothly, that all the aunties and grandmas get their pictures of your cute little ones, and so that I’m not a complete crazy person with the people I love  – I’m posting all the important dates you should be aware of. WORD OF ADVICE:  Don’t put off until the last minute.  I won’t take on more clients than I can manage.  I strive to provide superior customer service, and the highest quality, and those will not be sacrificed during busy periods.  In addition, we are anticipating a rainy season, and some scheduled photoshoots will have to be rescheduled due to weather.  So schedule sooner, rather than later, to ensure the best possible family portrait this year! Nov 6th – heirloom album proofs must be approved for print to ensure holiday delivery.  Estimated delivery to you:  Dec 16-20th. Nov 23th – standard album proofs must be …

The Importance of Family Portraits

I hear this every summer and fall – “We really need to do family photos. We will, one of these days.” Well-intentioned, family-loving people. I know where they’re coming from. Life happens. Life is busy. Things are hectic. Not everyone is on board (husbands, teenagers). It’s a process. Who has time to schedule it, make it happen, and have everyone looking like they’re happy and having fun? Sound familiar? Well, this summer I attended two funerals. I don’t do well at these things. I’m as sappy as they come, and when it’s someone you cared about, it’s super tough. And even if it’s someone I never knew, just watching the family grieve can be almost unbearable. But one thing that really bothered me about one of the services, in particular, was the very poor image they had of the woman. It was blurry, poorly lit, and very outdated. She was in her 40’s, but it had probably been taken over 15 years ago. No real family photo with her 4 children. No good headshot. No …

That Sibling Bond

I think it’s funny how young children can see old photos of their parents or older siblings, way before they “were a twinkle” and their question is always, “where was I?”  They want to know how they fit in, and they can’t imagine a universe in which they did not exist – usually as the center of attention.  That’s just a normal part of their development. So when I have the opportunity to capture that sibling bond, it’s so much fun.  I love the way he grabs his little toes! What I love about this session is that 15-20 years from now, he will not believe he how little he was, that he was just this little, drooly bundle of giggles that fit on her lap.  By then, he’ll probably tower over her.  But he’ll always be her little brother that she feels protective over.Although he feel just as unsure of her hugging on him like that in front of people! 😉  

Momma’s Girls | San Diego Child & Family Photographer

Loved meeting these girls.  They weren’t entirely sure about this session, and being out in “nature” – lol! – but we still had a great session!When she saw the back of the camera, she said, “Oh!! I LOVE that one of me!”   I love seeing girls who feel good about themselves – we need more of that.Big sister wasn’t feeling all that great, but she got excited, too, once she saw how darn cute she was being. 🙂  And we couldn’t leave mom out, of course . . . What a sweet family!  Plus, I love how the color combo all came together – good job, mom!


  I had the pleasure of meeting Santa before his usual stops on Christmas Eve!  The children’s reactions to him was awesome!  This little girl and her sis just kept touching him and then grinning as if they couldn’t believe they were with THE. REAL. SANTA!  It was precious!This little guy had several heart-to-hearts with Santa, and kept hugging Santa and wishing Santa a Merry Christmas.  So sweet!  Santa even brought a super adorable service puppy for one of the children! This little girl was just in awe of Santa when he first arrived.  That’s mom in the back – storing this moment in the memory bank, I’m sure. 🙂And, of course, the big kids had to get in on some of the fun.  I had a little chat with Santa, and I have it on good authority that 2015 is going to be a great year!  Happy New Year!  🙂