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Child and Family Portraits By TRUE BLUE Portrait

Nicole’s Big Announcement!

This lady never ceases to amaze me.  She was nominated for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Man Woman of the Year fundraising campaign.  And she stepped up to the plate without hesitation.  She also wanted to do it in honor of a colleague’s daughter, Little Miss Hazel, a sweet 2-yr-old, who was diagnosed with Leukemia at just 9 months of age. Nicole is a San Diego powerhouse.  She is the founder of The Henley Company, a professor, an author, a speaker, and all-around inspirational lady. I think Nicole’s motto should be “go big or go home” because she only thinks big.  She announced that she would be raising $50,000  for LLS!  At her announcement mixer, she asked us to help out, and be a Hero for Hazel.  And I was happy to jump in and offer my support! And Rachel (in red, on the left) volunteered to be campaign manager – as if being executive director of Vista Hill was not enough. So, I’ve launched a spring special, and I’m hoping to raise $2000 …

outdoor maternity photoshoot

Pretty Mama! | San Diego Child & Family Photographer

I’ve had the distinct honor of being there for this sweet mama’s 3 pregnancies.  This time we hopped out of the studio (I’m mobile now) and stepped into the great outdoors.  Mom let me get a little creative and create a dramatic ‘gown’ for her, too!  Add some sweet light, and voila!  the perfect amount of photo drama for this mama! Love the leading lines of this fence, highlighting Mama L. A beautiful solo maternity photo. But we can’t leave dad out.  These two are the cutest, and so in love! ❤ Or the sweet girls that are growing up sooo fast!  They’re excited to meet their little sister! One last beautiful shot before the sun goes down on another wonderful day!  Congratulations! Save

Grace Conquers All | San Diego Headshots

Let me tell you – Phyllis is one amazing woman.  I am so blessed to have such beautiful clients – and I don’t just mean looks.  Within minutes of meeting Phyllis and talking about our heart-centered projects, we both had goosebumps.  AND she gives warm hugs! Phyllis was updating her website, which has a very clean, modern look.  We chose a location that allowed us to match the theme, without a sterile studio look.  Phyllis loves being outdoors, and she had an emotional connection to this location, so she was very relaxed and at ease. We brought in a little pop of purple – part of her logo/branding, and her favorite color!  I love how it brings out the blue in her eyes. Phyllis has an amazing, touching story of tradgedy that she has turned into a beautiful story, a beautiful life, and a beautiful business that helps so many.  She will be featured in our Inspiration Project book coming out soon – so we can’t divulge too many details yet!

outdoor glam for women

Gerrica Goes Glam! | Contemporary Portraits in San Diego

What’s not normal about hanging out in an evening gown, chillaxin’ in a tree?  lol! Aaahhhh – nature and beauty.  Soak it all in. That stare.  It captivates.  I’m not sure who captured who’s soul on this one! Moody and artsy – because we can. 🙂 And then there’s this dress.  Again, me and the fabric store – it’s a love-hate relationship.  LOVE all the finds.  HATE how I get sucked in, and then I’m making skirts and dresses and such. I couldn’t resist this ruffle fabric, especially in the pale pink.  It’s so girly-girl, and worthy of a pretty-pretty princess! Ah, Miss Gerrica.  One of the sweetest souls I’ve ever known. ❤ Save

girl in tutu in field

Pretty in Purple! | San Diego Contemporary Glamour Photographer

Holy drama!  There’s the capture of what and who is in front of you.  And then I bring it home and play with it – I say it’s like having a coloring book.  It’s where the extra element of art is added, and I end up with what I envision at the moment the shutter clicked.  Science and art merged exquisitely! Just look at those eyes! Teeshie was such a sport letting me “fit” her with another handmade tulle creation.  I think I made about 8 tutus during this creative frenzy.  Luckily, Mr. Honey stands in as my at-home model when I need to check if the skirts are long enough. lol!  (don’t tell him I told you!)  And yes, my home looked like a tulle tornado had gone through it – for several weeks. TOTALLY WORTH IT! And then I found this purple magnolia silk flower.  So of course, I had to made that a wrist corsage – for effect.  It’s for art, people! 😉