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girl in tutu in field

Pretty in Purple! | San Diego Contemporary Glamour Photographer

Holy drama!  There’s the capture of what and who is in front of you.  And then I bring it home and play with it – I say it’s like having a coloring book.  It’s where the extra element of art is added, and I end up with what I envision at the moment the shutter clicked.  Science and art merged exquisitely! Just look at those eyes! Teeshie was such a sport letting me “fit” her with another handmade tulle creation.  I think I made about 8 tutus during this creative frenzy.  Luckily, Mr. Honey stands in as my at-home model when I need to check if the skirts are long enough. lol!  (don’t tell him I told you!)  And yes, my home looked like a tulle tornado had gone through it – for several weeks. TOTALLY WORTH IT! And then I found this purple magnolia silk flower.  So of course, I had to made that a wrist corsage – for effect.  It’s for art, people! 😉

How Often Should We Do Family Portraits?

How often should you do family portraits?  Well, the simplest answer is every year.  But some people go all out for their family photographs – large wall pieces, heirloom albums, and the works.  Their family portraits actually become part of the home’s decor.  And that can be quite an investment.  So is the expectation to do that every year? No.  While it’s great to track the family through the years, there are some years that the kids don’t change all that much.  For those times, it’s recommended to still have an annual family portrait – but keep it simple with smaller print packages.  Maybe you change out one of the framed prints on the wall, and a handful of images around the house on end tables, or on the mantle. So how do you know when family portraits should be updated in a big way? Here are a few simple guidelines to your family portrait updates: When you have a new addition to the family. Every year the first 5 years is a good guideline, …

Senior Portrait Sale! Don’t Miss Out!

Ahhh, senior portrait season – when the cattle calls are made at the big studios that photograph 1000’s of high school seniors. . . . I remember going through that with my son a couple years ago.  He was required to use the school’s recommended photographer for the yearbook photo.  And what most people believe is that they have no other options.  Not true! Yes, the school wants all their students to have a uniform look so the yearbook looks cohesive.  But outside of the yearbook photo, you can use any photographer you want.  When my son went to the “other” photographer, he was made to wear a tie (not his thing0, they sat him on a swivel stool.  The teenage “photographer” pulled a thin ribbon from the soft box (flash) to his chin, and she pressed the button.  She had him swivel the other way, did the same thing, click the button, and BOOM!  5 minutes later he was done! Needless to say, we didn’t purchase any of those photos.  His personality was nowhere …

Claim Your Independence! (from boring Senior Portraits)

Calling the Class of 2016!!  It’s that time of year again – getting ready for that last year before going off into the land of adulthood.  A time when you hover between “kid stuff” and “grown-up stuff”.  We think that’s pretty exciting – and worth celebrating!   So this summer, we’re celebrating Seniors! Grab a Senior Photoshoot for ONLY $79. There are only 10 spots at this special price, so get yours before they’re gone!! Must book by 7/11/15, and portrait session must be completed by 8/15/15. What’s your dream photoshoot?  What’s your personality?  We’ll tailor the perfect session that shows the world just how unique you are!